EPIC EXTRAS: An Epic Legend visits The Epic

By julio 28, 2017 Extras épicos

We were honored to host Dr. John Crompton, Regents Professor and Distinguised Professor from Texas A&M University’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Science.  Dr. Crompton is the leading researcher and educator in his field, and he made his initial visit to The Epic and Epic Waters site last week.  “I believe the City should call this a resort,” Dr. Crompton told City leaders after his tour.

One of the rentable areas of The Epic is “Crompton’s” which is to honor Dr. Crompton and all the advice and direction he gave the City on creating a master plan that not only housed our great facilities, but also left room for public/private partnerships which would help pay for park maintenance and potential expansion.   As he stated, our Economic Development Department is now working with multiple developers and we can say it is “very likely” that hotels will be a part of the Grand Central family!   As always, we will keep you updated on all of the grand developments!

Here are the latest dates:
Epic Waters – Working for a November 2017 Opening
The Epic – Working on a January 2018 Opening
PlayGrand Adventures – Working on a Summer 2018 Opening

In an upcoming blog, we will feature the first Epic Manager as we close in on an official announcement!   Stay Tuned!


Rick Herold
Director – Parks, Arts & Recreation


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