New – The Epic Artist-in-residence, Jessi Sawyer

By August 20, 2019 Epic Extras

In partnership with The University of North Texas, The Epic’s Artist-in-Residence program will give opportunities to UNT art students while they take the next step in their career.  Once accepted, the artist will have a fully furnished loft as well as a studio where they can consistently produce works, regardless of medium.  Members and guests will be able to observe artists as they work. The artist will also teach classes as part of The Epic’s fine arts programming.

The Epic is proud to introduce our newest Artist-in-residence, Jessi Sawyer.

Jessi Sawyer is a metalsmith, jeweler, and art educator.  She recently graduated from University of North Texas with her MFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry.  Her work focuses on space and place and where those two things intersect. She draws from the landscapes of home (Minnesota) and investigates quiet and space in her work. She utilizes a variety of metalsmithing and jewelry techniques, including enamel on copper and steel, drawing, and repetitive processes. Jessi’s work has been exhibited both locally and nationally, and she currently has two pieces in a traveling exhibition on the west coast. She has taught several jewelry and metals classes and workshops, is a current Continuing Education and adjunct instructor in jewelry and Metals at Brookhaven College, and has a strong studio practice.

You can view more of her work here.


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