New Year’s Theme

By February 4, 2019 Epic Extras

It’s estimated that 40% of American’s make a New Year’s resolution, but have you ever set a theme?

Give it a try! Pick one word that resounds with you and sets the tone for what you hope to improve/change/learn in the months ahead. Use it as guidance to steer your daily choices. Check out a few examples for inspiration:

Motion: When the urge strikes to binge watch your favorite show or sleep in late, remember Motion. Go for a walk or head out doors and dig in the garden. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get up from the desk at work for a quick stride through the office or stretch break. Look for alternatives to the sedentary.

Restore: Spoil yourself – you deserve it! Restore is a great reminder to take the time to do what brings you peace, health, and happiness. Get the massage you’ve been putting off. Take the yoga class. Opt for a homemade meal instead of fast food. If it brings wellness to your life, go for it!

Knowledge: Use Knowledge as a motivator to keep striving toward self-improvement. Join an art class to learn a new hobby. Check out a book that isn’t a genre you’d usually read. Take a cooking class and gain new kitchen skills.

At The Epic, our theme is…well, Epic! Everything is possible. We can help you stay focused on your theme and challenge you to live it every day.  Visit to learn more or stop by the Guest Services desk. #jointheepic #newyeartheme

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