Part Two: Questions From Our Readers

By March 6, 2017 Epic Extras

Q: “Can you give me a time frame when you will start hiring?”
A: Epic Waters is already hiring for management positions. For more information contact General Manager Michael Hays at for more information.

Q: “Can you give me the rates for Epic Waters?”
A: Yes! Please visit for all the information as well as exciting discounts if you purchase NOW! Visit the website today!

Q: “I’m confused. Is all of this in one building?”
A: We have two incredible projects that are a mere 75 feet apart: The Epic and EpicWaters. Epic Waters is the most incredible roof-retractable water park in America. Meanwhile, The Epic is more than a recreation center. We are calling it a Life Enrichment Center. Click here to see the current layout of the park.

Q: “My granddaughter raised money for the inclusive playground that is part of your project. Can you give us a status report?”
A: The playground “PlayGrand Adventures” will be a one-of-a-kind all inclusive playground. We continue to raise funds for it and urge you to go to for more information. At the time of this writing we are looking at a Summer 2018 grand opening. It sits on 10 acres and we expect users from all over North Texas!

Q: “Tell me it will still open as scheduled? We have family coming to town and wanted to treat them to a visit!”
A: Good News! As of early March, Lee Lewis Construction still anticipates a November opening of both facilities. Let the fun begin… Again, buy passes now and save money!


Finally, as a gift to our family we are proud to present some new pictures of your legacy project. See why we say “It’s Gonna Be Epic!”


Rick Herold
Director – Parks, Arts & Recreation


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