Ready, Reset, Go!

By July 15, 2019 Epic Extras

Time flies when you are having fun at The Epic! Now that we are halfway into 2019, this is an opportune time to “press pause” and take a moment to reflect on the New Year’s resolutions you may have set for yourself or family.
It is estimated that 40% of Americans make a New Year’s resolution. However, according to a study conducted by the University of Scranton and published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, 60% of the most common New Year’s resolutions are dropped within 6 months and only 8% are achieved by years end. So what can we do to overcome the statistics and find long-term success?

Reset your Resolutions
Letting a resolution slip is not a failure! Erase that mindset immediately! It is an opportunity to evaluate what happened, what has changed, and reset. Rather than viewing resolutions as all or nothing, think in terms of goals. Resetting resolutions into smaller, attainable goals creates steady baby steps to success. Every day provides the chance to reset the actions and thought processes that are roadblocks to achievement. Every day is a fresh start!

Reset With The Epic
No matter the goal or where you currently are on the path to attainment, The Epic team is rooting for you! If you are not sure how to reset or just need encouragement to keep going, we are here to assist in your journey. The Epic features hassle free membership options, innovative fitness, aquatics, fine arts & media, culinary programs, teen-based activities, athletics, library materials, and youth activities. We create life-changing opportunities that turn your goals into reality!

Visit us at The Epic or to learn more! It is never too late to start your #EpicResolutions!


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