Small Changes Make a Big Difference – Fitness Tips with The Epic

By September 23, 2019 Epic Extras

How can adding just 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise to your weekly routine change your life?

  • Lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia and Alzheimer’s, several types of cancer, and some complications of pregnancy
  • Better sleep, including improvements in insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea
  • Improved cognition, including memory, attention and processing speed
  • Less weight gain, obesity and related chronic health conditions
  • Better bone health and balance, with less risk of injury from falls
  • Fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Better quality of life and sense of overall well-being
Source:  American Heart Association

*Always talk with your healthcare provider before starting a new fitness regimen.

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