ZONE 1317

Zone1317 will be a featured room of The Epic dedicated for youth ages 13 to 17. During our Epic Encounter pre construction meetings, we took input from local teens on what they would like to see inside Zone1317. One thing is for sure, there will be phone chargers! The Epic will have teen specific programs offered throughout the week and the room will have interactive fitness and recreational games. It will truly be an Epic addition to the facility and something the teens will look forward to utilizing.


The Epic looks forward to unlocking opportunities for the youth by providing classes, programs, and camps that improve a wide variety of skills. All throughout the year, you can choose from a multitude of offerings to find the right fit for your child. One great part about The Epic is that all of the amenities in our facility can accommodate youth programs in fitness, athletics, aquatics, arts, theater, music, and much more!