Building the “Dream Team”

By July 22, 2014 Epic Extras

Mayor Jensen will have an update for you in another month, but here is the latest news on your life-changing project…..

The Architectural team and sub-contractors are coming together nicely. We call them “The Dream Team”!   Their years of high profile projects, ability to listen to their clients, incredible vision, history of creativity, and their proven track record of bringing in projects on time and in budget, makes this a very special partnership.

We will be announcing all the team members in the first City Council meeting in October. Due to the complexity of the project, we needed our Lead Architect to have additional time to work out contracts and exact responsibilities.

NO, you haven’t missed one of our exciting community meetings, “Epic Encounters” where you will have another chance to “put your thumbprint” on The Epic project!   Look for dates, locations and times soon!   But, remember, YOU can always use and give us your thoughts and desires!

Look for your chance to be the first to win an t-shirt!   The date will be announced soon and the fun will be held at your Farmer’s Market on a upcoming Saturday!   Be the first to brag about YOUR EPIC!

There remains lots of research going on, because your project is so EPIC!   The fun begins in 2017!

Rick Herold
Director, Parks, Arts & Recreation

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