Elevate Your Game at The Epic: Basketball Goals Installed!

By August 29, 2018 Epic Extras

We shoot, we score! Cross another one off of the to-do list as we countdown to The Epic Grand Opening.  Our basketball courts are almost ready! Being The Epic, we wanted the best, so the fine folks at Spalding have outfitted our courts with six top-of-the-line basketball goals. If these goals look familiar, they’re the same ones used by professional, collegiate, international, and high school organizations. Set at the standard height, 10 feet, the goals can also be adjusted to 9ft (11 year olds) and 8ft (8-10 year olds) for youth basketball.  After being anchored, leveled, and calibrated, they’ll be outfitted with 4” thick protective padding and vinyl for safety and durability.

Whether you’re a casual shooter or looking for a pick-up game, our goals will provide a long-lasting and consistently sturdy experience for all of our basketball players.  We’ll have plenty of open play time for members and guests as well as organized recreational leagues, tournaments, camps, and clinics.

Stay tuned for updates!


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