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By November 25, 2014 Epic Extras

City officials traveled to Texas A&M University recently and were overwhelmed with the undergraduate, graduate, and professors within the department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Science.   All were engaged with the Grand Prairie project and provided ideas for the twenty-something age population of our Community. Texas A&M has the most respected parks and recreation professors in all of America!   It was an exciting day, visiting over 100 students and professors…

It’s getting closer every day!   City officials are recommending the Construction Partner for The Epic project after spending exhaustive time with 5 potential finalists.   City officials will be recommending the Contractor to the City Council at the next City Council meeting.   If approved, this will finalize your Epic team!   Let the fun begin!

Water, Water Everywhere!   Members of The Epic Design team traveled to Orlando to the International Association of Amusements Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) to visit all the major water slide and ride designers and developers. It was two days well spent as The Epic water consultant, Ramaker, Inc. set up a variety of meetings with project manager Andy Henning of HKS, Inc., City officials and other members of the project team. It was another necessary step in the making of The Epic!

Epic Encounters are still underway!   Please let your friends know they can send in their Epic Dreams 24-hours a day at JoinTheEpic.com.   Final meetings are being scheduled now as this process comes to an end.

Up next: HKS, Inc. is working on an exciting revised Master Plan for Central Park and The Epic. As promised, The Summit is not impacted and grand care is being given to our multi-family projects and citizens that parallel the park.   Once approved, we will post it for all to see on this Blog.

Latest Grand Opening Projection:   The Epic project remains on schedule with a predicted Memorial Day 2017 opening!

Keep up with all The Epic Excitement right here on JoinTheEpic.com.


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