Epic Master Planning

By February 9, 2015 Epic Extras

Welcome to another big week in the formation of your Master Plan and facilities at Central Park. All of the creative team will be in-town this week as they continue to develop YOUR Epic Central Park.

Look for Mayor Jensen to have more exciting news soon!

Planning is underway for the Rec Center, the Waterpark, and our inclusive playground as well as other park amenities.   We will have a special blog on the playground in a couple weeks! YOU may want to be part of all the excitement.

Again, the next thing we will have to share is the park Master Plan. HKS, Inc. and the team continue to refine the plan. We want to make sure every t is crossed and every I is dotted.

Plans are still calling for a Memorial Day 2017 GRAND Opening!   Please continue to follow Join The Epic.com for the latest news about your EPIC project!

Rick Herold
Director, Parks, Arts & Recreation

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