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By December 24, 2018 Epic Extras

The Epic strives to be the place where people find personal success and balance. Whether that balance is in the form of an art class, fitness offering, or a concert or culinary program, the goal is to add value to your life. Crystal Steward, Epic Success contest winner and founding member, graciously shared her inspiring journey to success:

“What have I done that’s epic? Well I’m on an epic journey right now. Let me start from the beginning.

For years, I watched myself gain weight and I struggled to take it off. I got to the point where I didn’t want to go out with friends and family because I didn’t like the way I looked and worried about being uncomfortable. I would go on diets for a while and exercise regularly and have some success but would always fall off the routine and go back to my old ways.

It was important for me to lose the weight because the more I gained, the more I was putting my health at risk. I developed high blood pressure and was always tired mentally and physically. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my right hip in 2013 and continuing to pack on the pounds only made it worse. By the summer of 2017 my hip began to bother me so much that it was hard to walk on and the only exercise I could do was water aerobics or swimming. I visited several doctors and each one of them told me my hip was now bone on bone and that I needed a hip replacement but they could not do it because of my weight. I was at my all-time highest weight and had to get my BMI under 40 before even being considered for the surgery. That was a wake-up call, but it didn’t make the struggle to lose weight any easier.

I began to eat healthier and tried to make it to the pool as often as I could but only saw little results and so the excuses and “I can’t” mentality began. I can’t exercise because it’s too cold outside to go to the “indoor” pool or I can’t walk for a long period of time because it hurts. Any excuse I could think of, I made it. I even considered weight loss surgery because I thought that was the only way I could get the weight off.

Before that happened, someone suggested I try the KETO diet first and I am so grateful I did! I started in May and since then along with pool exercises I have lost 70 pounds and many inches. I feel so much better physically and mentally, my confidence is coming back and I’m encouraged to continue this journey until I reach my goal weight to have the surgery and then for the rest of my life. I don’t feel helpless anymore and now know that maintaining good health will help in every other aspect of my life.

Being a member of The Epic will help me to stay on track because I’ll have the tools I need in an environment with like-minded individuals to lean on for support so I can continue on this Epic weight loss journey and regain my quality of life.” – Crystal Steward

Thank you for sharing your story, Crystal!

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