The Epic Culinary Kitchen presented by IKEA

By September 28, 2018 Epic Extras

A culinary arts program is often left out of the recreation conversation because frankly, many recreation centers do not have the space and/or resources for a multi-faceted cooking program.  At The Epic, we have planned specifically for a kitchen and dining space that will host everything from a cooking class to wine tasting.  Outfitted with IKEA appliances and furniture, the spacious area will be devoted to a number of culinary related programs.  It will allow members/guests to be immersed in a modern kitchen and dining room experience.


Our culinary programs will let participants creatively express themselves through cooking classes which feature accomplished guest chefs.  There will also be demonstrations on efficient meal preparation for a family in addition to classes on proper nutrition and wellness.  The kitchen and dining area will be available for rent as well.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn about classic cooking methodology or international cuisine, this is the place to do so.

If you have questions about our culinary kitchen and its programs and rentals or if you’d like to lead a culinary program, please contact our Culinary and Rental Specialist, Lesa Jones: (972) 339-3717




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