The Epic will feature the latest and greatest fitness equipment

By July 5, 2018 Epic Extras

That’s right, the rumors are TRUE! The Epic is bringing the latest and greatest in fitness! This includes the amazing Funxtion Experience Station, your new digital coach!

Funxtion offers an extensive exercise library, workouts, challenges and timers. Our members and personal trainers will be able to create custom workout programs on the Experience Station located in our indoor functional training room (not to be confused with the outdoor training area).

The room will feature all the Escape Fitness equipment you need for the most dynamic workout experience. Barbells and monkey bars, rowers, racks, battle and climbing ropes, kettle bells and dumbbells, suspension training, medicine and slam balls, Assault AirBike and AirRunner treadmill, and so much more! No, really. Don’t believe me? Okay…Bulgarian bags, sand bags, punching bag, speed ropes, soft plyo boxes, core momentum trainers, Griprs, Corebags, and, well you will just have to come and experience it for yourself. Check back here for more EpicFit and membership updates!


Robert Serna
Supervisor of Fitness and Wellness – The Epic

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