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By September 12, 2018 Epic Extras

At The Epic, one of our goals is to provide a unique fitness experience. In addition to the newest innovative equipment and seasoned professionals with a variety of expertise, we will always have our eye on developments in the exercise world. This allows us to add variety to your workouts while having an all-encompassing, functional approach to fitness. For this week’s Workout Wednesday, we will incorporate one of those unique features. But first, a quick history lesson…

This is a Bulgarian Bag:

It was invented by a U.S. Olympic Wrestling coach, designed to help his wrestlers improve explosive actions and dynamic movements like twisting, swinging, bending, and squatting. The bags are made of leather and filled with sand, and come in a range of weights. The flexible handles allow for both upper and lower body training.

Incorporating a Bulgarian Bag will help you enhance your strength and functionality in a different way in addition to improving overall physical fitness. You don’t have to be a wrestler to use one, either.

Try this Bulgarian Bag workout:

Visit with an Epic Fit Pro for more details including movement standards for each exercise.

Workout I.

2 minute stations for 12 minutes. Begin at Station 1. When the clock starts perform Bulgarian Bag Overhead Squats. Rest for the remainder of 2 minutes. Move to Station 2 and begin once the clock reads 2:00 and so on every 2 minutes for 12 minutes, eventually performing 2 sets of each exercise:

  • Station 1
    • Bulgarian Bag Overhead Squat x 15 reps (4 sec eccentric contraction)
    • Using handles, extend arms over head like a shoulder press and then squat
  • Station 2
    •  Supine TRX Rows x 12 reps (2 sec eccentric contraction)
  • Station 3
    • Low or High Plank x 45 – 60 seconds

Workout II.

  • Three rounds of:
    • 14 Cal on Rower
    • 12 Bulgarian Bag Swing Snatch (see below)
    • 10 Burpees


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