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By September 5, 2018 Epic Extras

I am proud to introduce our epic indoor tracks. This amazing feature will be located on the second and third floors and overlooks the sport courts. The third level Adventure Track takes it up a notch and is truly what sets our tracks apart from others. It will include multiple inclines and declines and has various fitness challenges. These include boxes for plyometric (jumping) exercise, tires, hurdles, monkey bars, and many other obstacles to make your workout challenging.

For this Workout Wednesday, here is a workout you can try on our indoor track.

Do you want to develop speed, endurance, and improve overall function and athletic ability? Try this high-intensity sprint and interval workout:

WARNING: This is a high-intensity workout. Scale as needed (talk to an Epic Fit Pro for a more personalized workout and/or tips on how to scale down).

1. Warmup

  • Light jog 800 meters (about 4 times around the jogging track)

2. Jogging Track

  • 25 meters of each of the following:
    • High knees
    • Butt-kicks
    • Toy Soldier kicks
    • Runner’s lunges (step out further than traditional lunge)
    • Side-Shuffle

3. Jogging Track

  • 4 x 100-meter sprint (about half of the jogging track)
    • Pace each effort as close to the initial sprint as possible. Rest in-between sprints by walking the other half of the track to the initial start location
  • 4 x 400-meter sprints (2 times around the jogging track)
    • 1:1 ratio, work to rest
  • 2 x 800-meter sprints (4 times around the jogging track)
    • Rest 1 to 2 min between efforts

4. Adventure Track

  • 3 laps around jogging track
  • Enter Adventure track and perform 30 Box Jumps.
    • Choose your box height (20”, 24”, or 30”). Do box step-ups if jumping on the box is too challenging.
  • 2 laps around jogging track
  • 20 Box Jumps
  • 1 lap around jogging track
  • 10 Box Jumps

5. Cool down

  • Light jog 800 meters (about 4 times around the jogging track)
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