Bulldozers, Start Your Engines!

By January 25, 2016 Epic Extras

Good day Epic Followers.  We hope you each had a grand New Year!    All of your team, from architects HKS, Inc. to Lee Lewis Construction have been finishing plans, updating pricing, and we are ready to begin!   This week will be very special to all of us….  Why?   Dirt will soon be flying on your Epic project!    And, boy it is going to fly!    We will soon have our Lee Lewis Construction Camera up and running.  In a short while,  you will be able to see your project in real time LIVE from GrandCentral on The Epic Cam.

As we said before, the Team is ready to deliver the Dream and we want you to be a part of the magic from now through grand opening!     And, it pays to carefully read and keep updated!   Beginning with the next Blog,  you will see the creation of “EpicExtra’s”……and you could find yourself winning free golf, concert tickets, and more.   Over 200 of you picked up your free t-shirt at the GrandBreaking just for being a “JoinTheEpic” member!    We are getting ready to keep the fun going!

Also, have any questions?   Send them today to Rick at rherold@gptx.org and I will do my best to respond or find someone who can respond!   We want you engaged in your Epic project!

Together, we will make it GRAND!   Together, we will make it EPIC!

Rick Herold
Director – Parks, Arts & Recreation

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