Epic Motivation: Own Your Effort

By April 19, 2018 Epic Extras

Everyone wants to be a beast until it is time to do what beasts do. But, make no mistake, you CAN do it. It is not easy. It is not quick. You must take that first step. Each is a step forward but be careful not to pursue perfection at the expense of progress.

Control what you can. You may not be able to control the outcome but you can control whether or not you show up. You are in charge of what you put in to that workout. So what if the person next to you is lifting heavier weights, or runs faster, or has a smaller waist. Sure, you might not be able to do what someone else can do, but you can’t control what they do. We can only choose to focus on our abilities and to do to our very best. Own your effort! Take PRIDE in your progress!

Everyone is fighting a battle and there will be ups and downs. EMBRACE the battle. It is the resistance that makes us stronger. It is the fire that purifies. Push into it and test your limits. How else will you know what your limit is if you never test it?

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Robert Serna
Supervisor of Fitness and Wellness – The Epic

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