“First Look” – Epic Amphitheater & Grand Lawn

By April 14, 2017 Epic Extras

In addition to The Epic and Epic Waters, an amphitheater and Grand Lawn are also taking shape at Grand Central, and is the feature for this week’s “First Look”!

The Amphitheater and Grand Lawn at Grand Central is a large green space that will be the home to many outdoor concerts and events. Located directly behind The Epic and bordering the lake with a water fountain and a metal tree art piece, the Amphitheater and Grand Lawn will provide breathtaking views for walkers and joggers on the paved trail as well as for more than 40 aerobic machines in The Epic’s fitness area. The gradual slope in the lawn will provide natural seating for thousands of people along with a large portable stage that will be brought in for larger acts and events.

Below are the latest images from the construction site. As promised, YOU are the first to see!

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Kelly Eddlemon
Marketing & Communications Coordinator – Parks, Arts & Recreation

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