The Epic’s Art Gallery hosts showings for budding visual artists as well as established local artists.  With the capability to provide an accompanying opening and closing reception, our goal is to show artwork for at least a month at a time so that the work will be exposed to hundreds of members and guests on a daily basis.  All artwork will be labeled with name, title of work and price, if the artist chooses to sell.  We will accept all appropriate, family friendly artwork including paintings, drawings, ceramics and other mixed media.

For more information about Gallery 2960, please contact Yeltsin Canini at (972) 339-3704 or


The Disjunction of Aesthetics by Christi Clark
Exhibition: October 22 – November 5 (open during facility hours)

Reception: October 29
Time of Reception: 6:30PM-8:30PM

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Lands Beyond Earth by Laura J. Lawson
Exhibition: November 14 – December 5  (open during facility hours)

Reception: November 19
Time of Reception: 6:30PM-8:30PM

Artist Bio & Statement

This series is based on maps of other planets and moons in our solar system. I recreate landscapes with an aerial perspective so the viewer can meet the planet face-to-face, being to being, instead of as something beneath us. In the tradition of false-color imaging, my paintings stray from the natural colors of the surfaces. I want to amplify the thrill of new discoveries, the danger of the environments, and the beauty of alien terrain.

Questions around Earth’s future are framed in terms of saving it from us. Should our climate crisis continue unchecked, Earth will do as it pleases, whether we’re here or not. Every planet has unique environments, and understanding our planet in the context of others is one of many necessary steps for protecting life as we enjoy it now.

Laura J. Lawson is a Dallas-based artist who uses maps and environmental data to explore and subvert the tradition of landscape art. She is a graduate of Austin College (BA) and The University of Memphis (MFA). She was awarded a two-month residency at the Centre d’Art Marnay Art Center in Marnay-sur-Seine, France, and was selected for the first cohort of studio artists at the Cedars Union art incubator in Dallas. Her TEDx talk at Austin College discussed the importance of better standards for time and space to do creative work. Lawson teaches art at Dallas College and Tarrant County College.