The Epic’s Arts and Music department is comprised of a Theater/Concert Venue, Radio Station, Recording Studio, Art classroom/studio, Art Gallery and an Artist-in-residence program. We will strive to offer quality programming with educational components at a cost effective rate.


The Epic’s concert venue is equipped with a fully integrated, high powered sound system and is operated through a sound board with sound engineers.  There is also a lighting setup and console.  We will have concerts and performances for all ages with popular acts as well as the newest rising stars from the metroplex.  The theater is also available for rental.  For booking and/or rental inquires,  please contact The Epic’s Music Coordinator, Krista Marrs at kmarrs@gptx.org or 972-339-3713.



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Recording Studio

The recording studio is comprised of both an engineering room and a live sound room, complete with sound proofing.  Powered by a Neve 5088, the engineering side will have everything a sound engineer would need to produce the industry standard for sound quality.  They will also have access to ProTools and Logic for recording/post-production.

The studio will be managed by renowned record producer, Quinston Smith.  For questions about the space, he can be reached at qsmith@gptx.org or 972-339-3704.

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Radio Station

The Epic has its own internet radio station, EpicRadioGP.com.  We will have music from local artists streaming 24 hours a day and also be developing talk shows and podcasts.  Equipped with state-of-art radio broadcasting equipment, the booth also provides an educational component, available for students who seek a career in radio.  For questions about the radio station, please contact our Music and Radio Coordinator, Krista Marrs at kmarrs@gptx.org or 972-339-3713.


Art Classroom/Studio

The Epic’s art classroom will host a number of visual arts courses that will accommodate beginners as well as seasoned artists.  With a focus on proper technique from art school graduates, classes will include painting, drawing, ceramics and other mixed media crafts. The space will also be available for paint party rentals and as a studio space rental.

Below is a list of classes that will occur year round:

Beginner’s Acrylic Painting – ($25) 2-hour class with canvas, paint, and brushes provided.  Students will learn brush technique and color mixing while painting the same composition.  Instructor will demonstrate steps beside a completed example.

Beginner’s Drawing – ($20) 2-hour class with materials provided.  Students will learns drawing techniques like shading and the grid method for portraits.  Instructors will demonstrate all steps.

Still-Life Drawing – ($20) 2-hour class with materials provided.  Instructor will set up a still life, and teach students how to draw from observation.

Beginner’s Ceramics – ($25) 2-hour class with clay/tools provided.  Students will learn how to make pinch pots, coil pots, mini sculptures, etc.

Paint Party Rental – ($30 per head/5 person minimum) Paint parties can be coordinated for birthdays, holidays, bachelorette parties, etc.  Artist, canvas, paint, materials and music will be provided with an in-house option for catering and drinks.

Studio Rental – ($50/Hour) When the art classroom is not in use, artists can apply to use the space as a studio.

There will always be specialty classes posted on a case by case basis (pet painting, watercolor, lettering, portrait painting, mixed media, etc.)

If you’d like to reserve the art room or have an idea for an art class, please contact The Epic’s Art Specialist, Jefferson Muncy at jmuncy@gptx.org or 972-339-3714.

Art Gallery (Gallery 2960)

The Epic’s Art Gallery will host gallery showings for budding visual artists as well as established local artists.  With the capability to provide an accompanying opening and closing reception, our goal is to show artwork for at least a month at a time so that the work will be exposed to hundreds of members and guests on a daily basis.  All artwork will be labeled with name, title of work and price, if the artist chooses to sell.  We will accept all appropriate, family friendly artwork including paintings, drawings, ceramics and other mixed media.

For any questions about the art gallery, please contact The Epic’s Art Specialist, Jefferson Muncy at jmuncy@gptx.org or 972-339-3714.


Artist-in-Residence Program

In partnership with The University of North Texas, The Epic’s Artist-in-Residence program will give opportunities to UNT art students while they take the next step in their career.  Once accepted, the artist will have a fully furnished apartment as well as a studio where they can consistently produce works, regardless of medium.  Members and guests will be able to observe artists as they work. The artist will also teach classes as part of The Epic’s visual arts programming.

We are proud to introduce our very first artist-in-residence, Horacio Casillas.  Born in Arizona and raised in Mexico and West Texas, Horacio is a ceramic artist working with porcelain and stoneware and primarily, soda firing.  He has a BFA in Ceramics from Angelo State University as well as a MFA in Ceramics from The University of North Texas.  He has exhibited works in galleries around the country and has taught at UNT and Brookhaven college.  His work has been recognized multiple times and is known for its rustic feel and Catholic themes.  Here is Horacio in his own words:

“I spent a large part of my final semester of graduate school applying to residencies and preparing for what comes next. Being accepted as The Epic’s first resident artist was more than I had hoped for. This residency gives me time to hone my craft, more than I have at any other point in my career as an artist. Being a resident artist at The Epic not only provides me with an excellent environment to make art, but also an opportunity to get healthy and in shape by joining fitness classes or simply going to the gym, which I’ve been wanting to do for some time. Throughout my residency, I will be focusing on making functional pottery and furthering my exploration into sculpture. As an artist, I believe my work would be meaningless if it wasn’t for the people who interact with it, and I very much look forward to meeting members of the community and sharing my work and process. I am very excited to be a part of what The Epic is offering to the community of Grand Prairie, and I can’t wait to see this place flourish.”

You can view more of Horacio’s work at www.horaciocasillas.com



Thomas Menezes, Supervisor of Media and Fine Arts, tmenezes@gptx.org, 972-339-3716

Krista Marrs, Booking, Music and Radio Coordinator, kmarrs@gptx.org, 972-339-3713

Quinston Smith, Theater/Recording Studio Coordinator, qsmith@gptx.org, 972-339-3704

Jefferson Muncy, Art/Graphic Design Specialist, jmuncy@gptx.org, 972-339-3714