The Epic’s art classroom will host a number of visual arts courses that will accommodate beginners as well as seasoned artists.  With a focus on proper technique from art school graduates, classes will include painting, drawing, ceramics and other mixed media crafts. The space will also be available for paint party rentals and as a studio space rental.

Below is a list of classes that will occur year round:

Beginner’s Acrylic Painting – $25
2-hour class with canvas, paint, and brushes provided.  Students will learn brush technique and color mixing while painting the same composition.  Instructor will demonstrate steps beside a completed example.

Beginner’s Drawing – $20
2-hour class with materials provided.  Students will learns drawing techniques like shading and the grid method for portraits.  Instructors will demonstrate all steps.

Still-Life Drawing – $20
2-hour class with materials provided.  Instructor will set up a still life, and teach students how to draw from observation.

Beginner’s Ceramics – $25
2-hour class with clay/tools provided.  Students will learn how to make pinch pots, coil pots, mini sculptures, etc.


Rooms are equipped for acrylics, watercolor, clay, printmaking, drawing, and photography. For availability and reservations, contact Jeff Muncy at or 972-339-3714.



Per hour

For art related parties and classroom set-ups. Rental includes:

  • Tables & seating for up to 26 people
  • Sink & dry erase board
  • TV with HDMI access



Per person (Minimum 5 / Max 10)

Party rates include:

  • Painting instructor
  • Seating, drawing horses, & easles
  • Paints, easles, canvases, & brushes


The Epic’s Art Gallery will host gallery showings for budding visual artists as well as established local artists.  With the capability to provide an accompanying opening and closing reception, our goal is to show artwork for at least a month at a time so that the work will be exposed to hundreds of members and guests on a daily basis.  All artwork will be labeled with name, title of work and price, if the artist chooses to sell.  We will accept all appropriate, family friendly artwork including paintings, drawings, ceramics and other mixed media.

For any questions about the art gallery, please contact The Epic’s Art Specialist, Jefferson Muncy at or 972-339-3714.