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Nyddia Hannah

972-339- 3709

Education & Certification
• National Academy of Sports Medicine, CPT and CNC
• Southern Methodist University, BA in Anthropology

Nyddia is a married mother of three whose passion is travel and exploration. Her past voyages include backpacking through Spain, spelunking the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave in Belize, zip-lining through the Monteverde Cloud Forest of Costa Rica, biking the trails of the Grand Canyon, white-water rafting the Arkansas River in Colorado, and hiking Wheeler Peak in Taos, New Mexico. She’s currently planning her next adventure to trek the Canadian Rockies.

Turning Point
Nyddia spent her childhood riding bikes and climbing trees, and her teenage years skateboarding for local Dallas company SUNY Skateboards. She never officially “worked out” until her late 20s, after she totaled her car and began commuting to work on bike and foot. She quickly realized her stamina from youth had faded and it was time to rebuild her strength and endurance. With the help of a fitness guru friend, she learned to perform squats from her couch, eventually perfected her form on pushups, and finally invested in her first gym membership at the age of 30.

Nyddia knows firsthand what it’s like to fall off the horse and let life get in the way of goals. With the birth of her son four years into her fitness journey, she became a full-time stay-at-home mom and let her workouts slide to the wayside. After gaining over 50 pounds and reaching her highest adult weight, she joined The Epic in 2018 and was able to find her way back to a sustainable path of wellness. In 2020, she boosted her health goals and cut alcohol from her diet completely, which she attributes to better sleep, focus, and overall body composition. Change is difficult, but the right tools and continued determination will allow you to achieve your goals, and Nyddia would love to be your guide along the way!