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“An EPIC Play Experience for All Ages and Abilities”

 A Dallas-Fort Worth Destination

What is PlayGrand Adventures?

PlayGrand Adventures is an exciting opportunity to provide a safe and fun playground experience of ‘EPIC’ proportions for all ages and abilities. The playground will include adventure areas which are designed to stimulate, challenge, and encourage development of several skill sets while providing social interaction, sense of discovery, creativity, and exercise.

The playground is part of a much larger overall park project which will include The Epic, a state-of-the-art recreation center, Epic Waters indoor/outdoor water park, trail systems, and amphitheater at Grand Central in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Who is leading this playground project?

This project is being led by a committee of dedicated individuals from the community, local and national organizations, and the City of Grand Prairie Parks, Arts & Recreation Department.

Where will this all take place?

PlayGrand Adventures playground will be located at Grand Central which is south of Arkansas Lane and west of State Highway 161 in Grand Prairie, Texas. This regional park has a total of 177 acres including 5 lakes, Central Bark dog park, Public Safety Administration Building, and The Summit – an award-winning adult activity center.

How to donate to this worthy cause?

PlayGrand Adventures is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt for tax deductible donations to the Grand Central PlayGrand Adventures project.

Please make checks out to PlayGrand Adventures, and mail to:
317 College St.
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Or, CLICK HERE to make an online donation.

What will be the outcomes?

PlayGrand Adventures will incorporate areas within the playground for people of all ages to socially interact. For play to be 100% inclusive, children, teens, and adults need to be included. To create lifelong memories, everyone must play together; learn to cooperate, take turns, and to engage in dramatic and imaginative play. To allow for children to engage, feel as they belong and to choose how and when to play, PlayGrand will provide places that feel emotionally secure.

PlayGrand Adventures will include elements that increase the sense of discovery by incorporating smell, textures and differing sounds and   colors. Some elements might include fountains, plant materials, sand play areas, learning panels and texture walls throughout the playground. The sensory rich adventure will teach social skills, increase fine and gross motor skills, concentration and creativity.

At PlayGrand Adventures all children, teens and adults will have the opportunity to be physically active through play. It is important to create and provide play environments that everyone wants to come and enjoy. PlayGrand Adventures will provide challenges for children of all abilities, offer healthy risks and a variety of developmentally appropriate activities for all who play.

At PlayGrand Adventures, people of all ages will learn through play and interaction with each other in the environment that they are in. By keeping children engaged in meaningful play for longer periods of time will support intuitive play behaviors that stimulate development. PlayGrand Adventures will offer opportunities for everyone to problem solve, think abstractly, and develop cause and effect skills that help provide unique hands on experience.

The PlayGrand Adventures playground will support the development of receptive and expressive language, allowing everyone to be themselves, express who they are and demonstrate what they know. PlayGrand Adventures will encourage language development which occurs through natural play behaviors and routines and is enhanced through developmentally appropriate play elements, non-structured events, and outdoor programming.

PlayGrand Adventures will create a fun experience for children of all ages on learning how to play it safe everywhere, at anytime, in a controlled miniature setting. The playground will offer the ability to learn the specifics of bicycle and pedestrian transportation safety through education in a real life playful environment.


The PlayGrand Adventures Committee would like to thank you for your generous support. Please contact us for any additional information about the project, in-kind donations, sponsorship packages, or volunteer opportunities.


Rick Herold – Director, Parks, Arts & Recreation Department
(972) 237-8100 |

Tim Shinogle – Park Planning & Development Manager
(972) 237-8104 |

Emita Garcia – Parks, Arts & Recreation Park Board
(469) 644-9666 |


Marcy Sherman, CAE, CFRE – Collabor8 Advisors, LLC, President
Officec: (972) 237-8446 | Cell: 817-707-7710 |


Gary Yakesch – Business Operations Manager
(972) 237-8178 |

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