Fit Food Advice Smoother Than a Fresh Jar of Skippy

By July 12, 2018 Epic Extras

The year was 2014 when music producer Mark Robson and superstar Bruno Mars released the hit record Uptown Funk. This 1980’s funk-era inspired tune will get you off the couch and on your feet. In the middle of your boogie down, you will hear the line If we show up, we gon’ show out, smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy. At that point it hits and you ask yourself “what am I going to eat now that I’m trying to get fit?” Okay, maybe it does not happen exactly like that but at some point during everyone’s fitness journey we all wonder what it is we need to eat to be fit, healthy, and reach specific fitness goals.

With a quick Google search one will find there are seemingly endless diet strategies. How do you choose? Well, that depends. Who are you? What are your goals? What are the hurdles you currently face (health, money, influences, level of motivation, etc.)? Should you count calories, weigh your macros, go vegan, swear off carbs, eat seaweed or breathe only certified organic air?

As with most things, keep it simple stud:

  • Set realistic and time sensitive goals that are centered around things you can control such as committing to go to the gym 3 times THIS week or eliminating sugary drinks for 5 straight days. Build on those accomplishments.
  • Remove temptations from your reach. Empty the pantry and fridge of known tempters and overly processed foods (i.e. food that is not in its original form).
  • Plan your meals ahead of time and make a grocery list with real food items commonly found along the perimeter of the grocery store. How many calories and macronutrient ratios will vary from person to person but food quality should be high for all people.

Start by having a plan that works for you, where you are now. The Epic can help by taking a personal approach and customizing plans based on where you are in your journey.

  • One-on-one sessions with a nutritionist
  • Accountability partnership with a personal trainer
  • Cooking and meal prep classes in the culinary kitchen
  • Nutrition courses, challenges, and healthy tips from your EpicFit Team through blogs, vlogs, inspirational member success stories, and so much more

Be sure to check back in for Epic fitness and membership updates.


Robert Serna
Supervisor of Fitness and Wellness – The Epic

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