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By August 28, 2015 Epic Extras blog subscribers are winners!  We sincerely appreciate you staying in touch with your legacy project!  Architects and consultants continue to work hard to make your “legacy” project incredible.   Mayor Jensen will explain and show you the many “firsts” that this project will include at the official “GrandBreaking” on Saturday, October 17, 2015, including some new names and prizes.

However, every subscriber will receive a FREE surprise at the event (and only available at the GrandBreaking).  We will be sending you a coupon that you can redeem at the event for a free logoed item!   This is an exclusive offer for the subscribers.   A little way to show you our thanks for making it special!

Lots, Lots, Lots of Updates coming your way! Put your seatbelts on:  Your project is truly going to be EPIC!

Rick Herold
Director – Parks, Arts & Recreation


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