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By September 13, 2019 Epic Extras

As we approach mid-September it is exciting to see all that we have coming to the Culinary Kitchen from now through October. One of the best parts of this position is all the inspiring people I have been meeting. So many passionate cooks and chefs and restaurant owners who are happy, thrilled, to come and share their knowledge and skills with those of us wanting to learn new things.
I am excited about September:

  • 9/17 Comfort Food Series – Meatloaf, Traditional (to die for) & Greek Seasoned. Both will be accompanied by some fantastic simple sides, all to give ideas of what to do for supper. Come to eat, share, and enjoy.
  • 9/23 Is this Vegan? Vegan Cooking with chef/owner of “It’s So Vegan” Amyia Cleveland
    If you have not tried Amyia’s restaurant and this is your first experience with tasting Vegan cooking, then you are in for a very pleasant surprise. Amyia will share her story of her journey to going 100% vegan while she prepares mouthwatering hearty fare. You will want more!
  • 9/24 Comfort Food Series – Simple Panko Chicken with angel hair pasta and a light lemon sauce. So Good. Come to learn and eat.
  • 9/26 Instapot Cooking with Kathy – This is Kathy’s second class here at the Epic. She was such a success that everyone pleaded to have her back. Ribs are on the menu.
  • 9/28 Coffee Brewing Methods with Bruce. – His first class was well received, his knowledge is vast and everyone came away knowing much more than they thought was possible about coffee. You will taste all the different grinds and you will learn some history.

I hope there is something on the calendar that you will enjoy. If not, October is another exciting & full month. Details coming soon.

Enjoy the food you bring into your life.

I believe in the power of food to bring families together, to build communities, to expand conversation, and to strengthen relationships.


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