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By November 9, 2016 Epic Extras

The buzz across GrandCentral continues to increase as the Epic, Epic Waters and PlayGrand Adventures all build in momentum and increase in presence as the pace of construction hits new levels! While each week reveals new and exciting portions of the overall project, it’s truly an everyday event that advancements are made that are amazing to witness taking place in the timeframe they are happening in. And no matter how many drawings or renderings someone may have viewed of the project, it isn’t until the buildings and park spaces actually take on their physical presence in the real world that it becomes evident that the end result will without a doubt be Epic!

With the footprints of both the Epic and Epic Waters now being fully defined on site, the scale of the long linear nature of the two buildings is able to be visualized for the first time. The distance stretching from the southwest edge of the outdoor wave pool of Epic Waters to the northeast edge of the Epic is beyond impressive at approximately 1200 feet. At that length, the overall project presence will stretch nearly a quarter of a mile across the western elevated edge of GrandCentral! What an incredible backdrop to the family festivals, concerts and other community events that will be hosted on the new Grand Lawn amphitheater.

In addition to two-dimensional scale, three-dimensional volume and form are also well underway. Structural concrete columns and floor slabs for the Epic have already reached the second level and dynamic spaces are taking shape including the beautiful oval entry lobby, the elevated running tracks, the large two-story column-free basketball and futsal court area and the cantilevered exterior balconies projecting out into the surrounding park and amphitheater space. And although Epic Waters appears to trail the Epic in terms of its development, it won’t be long before the structural frame of the waterpark begins being put in place and Epic Waters will quickly catch the Epic. Because of this, the next 4-6 weeks of construction will be some of the most exciting so be sure to drive by the project site and keep your eye on progress from a distance!



Andy Henning AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
Senior Building and Construction Projects Manager, City of Grand Prairie

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