The Epic Recording Studio will feature a Neve console

By August 15, 2018 Epic Extras

We at The Epic are all about shattering perception and rupturing the way people view our industry. We put our money where our mouth is when it comes to the gear.

This bad boy is the Rupert Neve Designs 5088 large format recording console (and Mr. Neve himself). Rupert Neve could be regarded as the Patriarch of analog recording. His technology has been a part of maybe every single one of your favorite records. Almost every recording studio has a Neve pre-amp, compressor, console, or EQ. But the 5088 is his greatest gift to the recording world.

We’ve done something super slick with ours. We only sprang for 16 channels on our console, but those channels can be used either in the recording studio or to record from the stage in the Epic Theater, presented by Texas Trust Credit Union. Paired with a stellar supporting cast of additional 500 series pre-amps, EQs, compressors, outboard effects units, mic locker of the stars, and some music nerds to throw down some jams on your record, we have one of the best rooms in DFW.

Bands, artists, producers, engineers: You should take a look at the studio. You’ll be inspired to make some music with us.

If you’re interested to find out what all this stuff means, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn about the best equipment in the industry with experienced producers and engineers. We wanted only the best for you at The Epic.

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