Upcoming at The Epic Culinary Kitchen – It’s So Vegan

By September 20, 2019 Epic Extras

There are many creative and interesting people that surround us in our daily lives.  I think that if most of us would slow down to really observe and talk occasionally we would all be amazed at how fascinating the world around us really is.

One of the many benefits of working in the culinary industry through The Epic is the unique individuals that reach out to be a part of our program. I am truly blessed to be in a position that attracts others who have a love of cooking, tasting, and experiencing food in ways beyond just the act of eating.

Amiya is among many chefs who are making food prepared from unique ingredients comfortable for the rest of us.  Making a name for herself as the queen of Vegan Soul food she will make her initial appearance in our culinary kitchen this coming Monday evening.  Her class is filling quickly so I do encourage you to reserve or purchase your tickets soon.

I hope you will come out to be educated, to laugh, to taste, and to really experience her passion which is Vegan Soul Food.

Enjoy the food you bring into your life

I believe in the power of food to bring families together, to build communities, to expand conversation, and to strengthen relationships.


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