What’s 83 Feet Tall and Filled To The Brim With Fun?

By February 14, 2017 Epic Extras

Let me bring you up to speed in case your daily travels don’t take you on Hwy. 161 between I-20 & I-30, or in case your travels take you along that road but you have not paid much attention to the cranes near 161 and Arkansas.

While we have been hard at work for months, the past few weeks have been very exciting with the skyline at the EPIC project changing by the hour. Just this past week the final pieces of the Cupola on Epic Waters were put in place thus topping off the immense aluminum framework of this awe-inspiring building.

While the 160’ x 384’ main building is already the talk of the town, the recent addition of the 83’ Cupola is icing on the cake. Even better yet, is what will fill the Cupola. Starting this week, multi-colored pieces of fiberglass will begin being lifted into place and it won’t be long before it looks like we have a huge bowl of colorful spaghetti winding around the building.

Now back to the Cupola. This additional height was needed to the building so we could fit in the tallest indoor aqua loop slide in the United States as well as a 70’ indoor plunge slide that will be the most adventurous.

In addition to these slides, other stops on your climb to the top lead you other amazing slides that include a four lane matt racer, aquasphere, boomerango, and an exhilarating body slide.

To keep up with the daily changes of the Epic Skyline why not visit www.epicwatersgp.com. In just a few short days our full website will launch where you can find out much more information all about EPIC Waters Indoor Waterpark.


Richard Coleman
Principal, American Resort Management


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