Remember Kechi from America’s Got Talent?

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Remember Kechi from America’s Got Talent?

See Kechi LIVE in concert on May 5 at the Uptown Theater. An Evening with Kechi, presented by Baylor Orthopedic and Spine Hospital at Arlington and Landscape Structures Incorporated, is a fundraiser for the PlayGrand Adventures Foundation. PlayGrand Adventures is the largest all-inclusive playground being planned for Dallas-Ft. Worth, and will have many unique components to be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.

Kechi was a finalist on America’s Got Talent in 2017. As a teenager, she was only one of two survivors in a plane crash that killed 107 people. Despite visible burns on more than 65% of her body, Kechi bravely appeared on the televised talent show and continued to wow the judges and America as they voted her into the finals. The evening will feature a raffle, an auction, specialty drinks, and an additional performance on some of the outdoor musical instruments that will be installed on the playground site.

Concert-goers can purchase tickets at two levels: VIP tickets for $75 which gives preferred seating and a meet and greet with Kechi at a reception. Or, general admission tickets at $50. To purchase tickets or for more information, call The Uptown Theater at 972-237-8786 or visit

For more information about the project, visit

Epic Waters Grand Opening

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If you happened to miss Epic Waters’ announcement through their newsletter and social channels, Epic Waters will officially open on January 12, 2018 at 5:00pm!

The parking lot will open at 8:00am on January 12, and you and your family and friends can join us for giveaways and prizes. Please keep in-mind that there will be no overnight camping, no oversized vehicles (such as RVs or large trailers), or arrival before 8:00am on January 12.

Here are some guidelines for the process on January 12:

  • The first 50 physically standing in the line will receive one Annual Pass per person.
  • The next 50 physically standing in the line will receive one $100 gift card.
  • The parking lot will not open until 8:00am on January 12.
  • Grand Prairie Police and Epic Waters staff, including parking attendants will be directing guests on where to park.
  • You are more than welcome to bring chairs, small coolers with food and beverages – Just keep in-mind that you will not be able to bring these items inside the waterpark.
  • Activities will begin in the afternoon, leading-up to the opening of the doors at 5:00pm.
  • Individuals that are the first 50 physically in line will receive Annual Passes, and will not need to pay for admission on January 12.
  • There is no holding a spot in-line for another individual. Passes/gift cards will only be given to the guests that are present.
  • Individuals receiving Annual Passes need to be over the age of 3 years old, and the Annual Passes are non-transferable. The recipient must be the user of the Annual Pass.

For more information about Epic Waters, visit

Epic Waters Announces Opening Date!

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The team at Epic Waters is beyond excited to announce the opening date! More time and details are to come, but get ready for year-round waterpark fun beginning January 12, 2018!

Even more exciting Epic Waters updates:

  • Waterpark gift cards are now available for sale at Spend $100 in gift cards and receive a free day pass. More details are at
  • Daily admission tickets are going on sale soon!
  • The First to Slide contest ends December 25th, so get those entries in! Visit for more information.

And, finally, we’ll leave you with some of the latest pictures of the interior of the waterpark.

First Look: The Epic Recording Studio

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Did you know there are hundreds of “garage bands” within Grand Prairie and even more in the entire DFW metroplex? These artists are of all ages and from a variety of music genres and backgrounds. Maybe you’re one of them or know someone who is.

We’ve said all along that The Epic is going to be a center for everyone! Yes, many of the features in this building are for the active user looking to get in shape, or sharpen their athletic abilities. And, The Epic will have some really awesome opportunities for these types of activities, and we’re very excited about them. But, while we highly encourage a healthy lifestyle, we also know that not everyone is an athlete. Not everyone is interested in spinning, swimming, or sprinting. Others enjoy singing or strumming a guitar. One of the reasons why The Epic lives up to its name is because it will be much more than a typical rec center. Much more than a gym.

So, this week’s “First Look” on will give you a sneak peek into one of the features that truly makes The Epic unique: The Epic Recording Studio. That’s right! Now, those garage bands and aspiring artists have a place to record their music!

Located on the second level near the artist-in-residence loft (more on this in a future blog) and the balcony level of the theater will be a recording studio. The studio was designed with acoustics in mind and is being built to provide a professional quality product for the artists. Users will be able to look from the control room with state-of-the-art equipment through soundproof glass into the performers’ space. Once produced, the artists will be able to take their tracks with them, and who knows, maybe even hear their songs playing on The Epic Internet Radio Station (more on this later, too!).

The Parks, Arts & Recreation Department is thrilled to be able to provide this unique opportunity to our citizens and guests. And, we’re proud to be yet another home for the GPISD students, as we will now have an additional venue to showcase their incredible talent. So, for all of the musicians out there, get ready! We’re looking forward to hearing all of the great music that will be produced at The Epic Recording Studio beginning early 2018!


Kelly Eddlemon
Marketing & Communications Specialist – Parks, Arts & Recreation

First Take: The Epic Atrium

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For a facility called “The Epic,” it has to be epic from the moment you enter the front door. So, for this week’s First Take, we’ll take a look at the Epic Atrium.

You may have heard us refer to The Epic and Epic Waters as a “cruise ship on land” – meaning we will have something for everyone. And, if you’ve ever been on a cruise, you know just how amazing these ships’ atriums can be. They are a common area for everyone, a gathering place, a place to listen to the occasional live music, or a place to sit, relax, read, or visit with friends. These atriums are “wow” areas. This was the inspiration when designing The Epic.

With tall, curved, three-story glass windows, members and guests will have an awesome 180-degree view of the Grand Lawn, amphitheater, and lake. Inside the atrium, will be a concierge and check-in desk where you will be greeted and offered a tour of the facility. The atrium will feature Epic Reads, a high-tech library where guests will be able to check out a book, sit, and read. Or, relax, listen and watch the DJ’s in the Epic Internet Radio Booth. Looking up from your comfortable chair, you might see runners on the two-level indoor track, which will have wonderful views of the action on the courts as well as around the Epic building. The Atrium will also have a dramatic view of the Epic courts, featuring basketball, volleyball, pickleball and futsol, the fastest growing international sport.

On the second level is the Epic Overlook where you can look down on the activities in the atrium or see the occasional musician playing a guitar or keyboard. Also on the second story overlooking the atrium will be Crompton’s, a two-room lounge that will be available for rent for parties and gatherings.

As of this week, contractors are beginning to install glass in various areas of the building and drywall is beginning to go up in some of the interior spaces.

Stay tuned for next week’s First Take as we will have more new, exciting photos from The Epic!


Kelly Eddlemon
Marketing & Communications Coordinator – Parks, Arts & Recreation

“First Look” – Epic Amphitheater & Grand Lawn

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In addition to The Epic and Epic Waters, an amphitheater and Grand Lawn are also taking shape at Grand Central, and is the feature for this week’s “First Look”!

The Amphitheater and Grand Lawn at Grand Central is a large green space that will be the home to many outdoor concerts and events. Located directly behind The Epic and bordering the lake with a water fountain and a metal tree art piece, the Amphitheater and Grand Lawn will provide breathtaking views for walkers and joggers on the paved trail as well as for more than 40 aerobic machines in The Epic’s fitness area. The gradual slope in the lawn will provide natural seating for thousands of people along with a large portable stage that will be brought in for larger acts and events.

Below are the latest images from the construction site. As promised, YOU are the first to see!

Stay tuned to for more “First Look” blogs coming soon!


Kelly Eddlemon
Marketing & Communications Coordinator – Parks, Arts & Recreation